American Triple T: Quick Weekend Overview

24 05 2010

On the drive home I told my husband I wouldn’t necesarily say the score was:

American Triple T – 1 Kati – 0,

or even American Triple T – 0 Kati – 1.

It was more like American Triple T – 1/2 Kati 1/2.

We finished the race.  We stuck to our 60% effort  on Friday and Saturday.  We stuck with our goal of enjoying ourselves and really soaking up the experience Friday and Saturday.  We even, for the most part woke up Sunday feeling good.  Sunday, oh Sunday – it all went south.   I’ll give the full report later, but the numbers will tell the tale – our HIM time on Sunday was almost 8 hours.  The vultures were circling and it was a true death march.   But aside from about 20 very dark miles on the bike we still had fun.

Total stats for the weekend:

Hours of sleep: 11

Number of Races: 4

Miles Covered:  approx. 140

Scoops of EFS drink: 13

Flasks of EFS Liquid Shot:  4

Bugs Swatted:  Close to 1 million

Number of times I said “I STINK!”: Atleast 10

Wonderful other athletes we met:  TONS

Times I thanked my husband for his patience and encouragement:  Atleast a dozen!

It was truly an epic event!  Full report soon but, yes I would do it again and YES I would highly recommend the event!!



3 responses

24 05 2010

Dave and I wanted to come down and watch, but our schedule just didn’t fit with it. Hope you survived the huge swing in weather this past weekend. It was brutal all the way around. Congratulations!

24 05 2010

are you getting paid to do this???

24 05 2010

YAY !! bummed I missed it. My boyfriend said he saw some trakker peeps!

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