REV3 Knoxville Track 2: Where are we Runn’n

12 05 2010

Saturday was a BUSY day!  Gatlinburg to Knoxville, back to Gatlinburg, back to Knoxville and then all over Knoxville!  Sat. morning I needed to be in Knoxville at 8am for a team photo shoot.  Can I just say I hate being late.  I am a neurotic punctual person.  Having said this, I was late to each and every team event over the weekend!!  Not sure why, I  just was.  Sometimes by an hour, sometimes 10  min.  Makes me crazy!!  Sonja’s dad, Eric Willis took our awesome team picutres:

Our "Jumping Pic" just for Sonja!

Giving the Terrier Tri sign a little kick!

(Above Photos by Eric Willis)

The expo (and race itself) was more of an event than a race.  Pros were everywhere.  I was at the Personal Best Nutrition booth chatting about First Endurance products (and even getting a few yummy freebies) with two guys.   About half way through the conversation it dawned on me that they looked familiar.  Oh yeah, I was talking to Jordan Rapp and Andrew Yoder.  Duh Kati!  I hung around the Trakkers booth and learned about our units we would be wearing during the race, then Paul and I took off to ride a little of the bike course and check in our bikes.

You know it's a big Pro field when they don't all fit at the tables!

After a quick bike Paul and I went back to the expo to work the Trakkers booth and listen to the Pro Panel.  Wow is all I can say about the Pro panel.  They didn’t all fit at the tables there were so many!  After they spoke they were just mulling about – simply awesome!!  We listened to a couple other awesome presenters, I finally had to drag Paul away from the main stage (where someone from Elite Bicycles was speaking.)  We got checked into our great hotel (Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown) and tried to walk down to the waterfront to eat.  Let me say that I am a bit directionally challenged, but come on – I got lost every single time I was on the roads of Knoxville.  Walking, driving, it didn’t matter – I have NO sense of direction, then add in a lot of one way streets.  I’m screwed!

We ended up with dinner at Calhoons, walked back UP, UP, UP the hill to the hotel to meet the kids and Barbra.  I was in bed and asleep by 8:30!  I slept great and woke up around 5 am ready to go!  (too bad I didn’t  have to be up until 6!!)

Next up:  REV3 Knoxville Track 3:  I’m About to Come Alive



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