REV3 Knoxville Track 1: We are Family

11 05 2010

We arrived in Gatlinburg on Thursday at noon. I had declared before the trip that I would not be attending all the wacky family festivites of Dollywood and eating out.  Instead I would rest in the cabin with my feet up in preparation for the race on Sunday.   And then I stopped and thought about it.  My aunts and cousins had flown in from Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas and DC.  Some of my family I hadn’t seen in 4 years.  Screw feet up and resting, I’m going to play at Dollywood with my family.

On the tram ride to go see Dolly!

My ma!

Dollywood is, um, something to see.  It began in the parking lot with the woman loading her 14 day old onto the tram.   WHAT?! Then there was the Dolly sighting.  She was there, in the park.  Through the small slats of a gate folks got a glimpse.  She even stopped to wave.  I saw a grown man cry, because he had seen Dolly.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.  I rode the roller coasters – I LOVE roller coasters!!!  My favorite was the Mine Shaft.  We accidently told my two aunts that it was a mild ride that didn’t at all go upside down.  Um, it went upside down, straight up, straight down – it was AWESOME!!

My family : )

The view from the top of the Wheel!

I stayed up way past my bedtime and got up early.  And in that wonderful sleepless time I got to reconnect with family that I love dearly and miss seeing.   It was all too short and I missed a few activities to go meet my new Trakkers family, but it was great nonetheless!

Friday evening I got to meet my new Trakkers family!  It was really neat to put faces to all the blogs and tweets that I have been reading for months!  I was late to dinner because I got lost (big suprise!!), but it was a great dinner and three of our pro team members even stopped by!  I got to meet Michael and Amanda Lovato and Ritchie Cunningham!  (not to mention mama bear Carole Sharpless!!)  The three gluten free gals sat together and ate our flourless meals together ; )

Mama Bear Sharpless

Savannah, Michelle & Sonja (that was before the rack 'o ribs!!)

Darn fuzzy pictures! If you look closely you can see Amanda & Michael Lovato and Richie Cunningham with the group!

Up next:  REV3 Knoxville Track 2:  Where Are We Runnin?




One response

11 05 2010

Great post about your trip up to the race! I wish I had been able to make it up to Knoxville to race & meet the Trakkers teammies there.

We vacationed in Gatlinburg over Christmas (actually stayed in Pigeon Forge). We thought it was nice, but a bit…touristy…for our tastes. We didn’t do Dollywood while we were there. Too bad, I guess.

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