Coach Kati Behaving Badly

3 05 2010

You know sometimes when you can reflect back on an event, or your reaction to an event and really see yourself.   Ugh, I had that this weekend and I didn’t like a lot of what I saw.   I had plenty of time on the drive back from SML on Sunday to reflect back on my race and my feelings about the race.   Two words, not pretty.

Weekend started a little edgy when I my wetsuit arrived about 10 min. before we left, which was about an hour after I had planned on leaving.  I guess I should admit I am a difficult traveler.  When I have decided it’s time to leave for a trip, it. is. time. to. leave.  (like in a head spinning backwards, crazy red eyes and deep evil voice kind of way)  Then there was the drive.  I will just say that my husband is a saint to endure my monthly rage issues and leave it at that.  A. Saint.

All was forgotten when we arrived at the cabin because, a) the cabin is beautiful and relaxing and wonderful and b) my handsome and oh so charming 5 month old nephew soon arrived and that erases all of my Kati rage!

Race morning I was up and ready to go.  A bananna, a blueberry gluten free muffin and a bottle with 2 scoops of grape EFS mixed with one scoop of pre-race (that stuff is like liquid gold to me) and I was on my way.  I helped some with packet pick up, got set up and even had a little bit of time to mingle with some good friends I haven’t seen in a while.

This was my first swim in my XTERRA Vendetta wetsuit.  (you know, the one they most graciously shipped overnight to me when the other one was not going to arrive in time : )   It felt amazing.   Best of all, the size small did fit!  Whew, it was something getting it on, but it came off in one tug!  No arm fatigue, no pulling at the neck – just a snug fit and a smooth swim.  I felt good, all the women went off together and it seemed like I was somewhat in front of the pack.  I tried and tried to draft but just couldn’t catch the right feet.  Bummer.  My stroke felt good, my sighting felt right on, I was sure I was on track for a good sub 12 min. swim.  Out of the water and I saw 13:59 on my watch!  WTF!?!?!?  I was shocked!

I wanted to really work on pushing myself no matter what and not giving myself permission to back off – so I decided I would cut that time out on the bike.  Quick and smooth T1, I am thrilled that my transition times have been so quick this year.  1:31 for T1 was the 3rd fastest female T1.  On the bike I felt strong.  I was breathing hard, my legs were burning and I felt great!  I was passing a lot of men from the wave infront of me and even passed a handfull of women.  Then I got passed by a couple of women, it’s fine to be passed by Betsy because she is an animal on the bike, but the rest of them just frustrated me.  I tried to keep up with them but I was literally going as fast as I possibly could.  The only thing I was unhappy with was my mounting and dismounting of the bike.  Not the speediest, and something I really need to work on.

T2 was just as fast as T1, :49 meant no dawdling – just get those Fastwitch’s on and grab the run number and visor to put on as I went.  I have to admit I was tired on the run.  Not like my legs were burning beyond what I could handle, I was just physically tired.  I ran as hard as I could – evidenced by the heavy breathing that I am sure was annoying plenty of folks!  I did pass a couple of guys, but I also got passed by 2 women.  Bummer.  I knew at that point I was right on the edge of my top 10 overall finish that I was looking for.  I tried counting women but at that point I was half delirious and I wanted the pain to end.  I  saw a woman ahead of me that had passed me early on the bike.  I tried to run her down and did gain on her, but just didn’t have enough room to catch her.

Imagine the rub when I found out that she was the woman that beat me out of 1st place in my age group by less than :30 sec.  Here comes the bad behavior.  I was so mad that I got second place and didn’t meet any of my time goals that I wasn’t able to see that I moved from 19th place last year to 11th overall this year.   I stomped around and bitched and complained.    I was a brat.

After I got home and looked at the results I saw that I made some good improvements over last year.    I guess I need to stop reacting and enjoy the race, and be proud of my accomplishments.  I officially apologize to everyone that I behaved badly in front of promise to be my happy and positive self for every other race from here on!  Lesson learned.



3 responses

3 05 2010
Scott Skalny

We all have those types of days/races…always helps to take a step back and look at the bright side of things! 🙂 good job!

3 05 2010

i forgive you. i am bummed i missed the race b/c it was a beautiful morning. i am definitely going to get out of my PTA fun run duties next year. Maybe i’ll just organize the event and then someone cover it so I can race. And you are right–B is an animal on the bike! GEEEEZ. i saw her times.

3 05 2010
Jill (tribirdie)

So funny, when I read this earlier today, I was thinking, oh no we had identical yucky races again and then I saw your comment on my post.

We’ll get ’em next time! Plus you are right, we should be happy we are continuing to improve!

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