April by the numbers

3 05 2010

Another post?  That’s like 3 in 24 hours!  I just thought I would check out my April numbers, not too bad!

April 2010:

Bike: 438.93 Mi – 28h 51m 16s
Pace: 15.61 mile/hr
Run: 69.94 Mi – 10h 43m 53s
Pace: 09m 14s /Mi
Swim: 18732.00 Yd – 5h 09m 22s
Pace: 01m 39s /100Yd


Compared to April 2009:

Bike:384.75 Mi – 24h 57m 05s
Pace: 15.87 mile/hr
Run: 68.18 Mi – 10h 46m 34s
Pace: 09m 29s /Mi
Swim:24778.00 Yd – 7h 26m 34s
Pace: 01m 43s /100Yd

Not as much running as I would have liked, but the best part is that MOST of those bike #’s are outside!!  Thus the slightly slower bike average, but the hills of the Valley are slower than the hills of my computrainer!  I cut back on my swimming (that’s where all those bike miles came from!)  I would still like to see a little more running on my overall #’s, that will be a goal for NEXT month!




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