2 05 2010

I will post a full race report of the good, the bad and the ugly of the Smith Mountain Lake Sprint tomorrow, but for tonight I will give  a quick run down comparison of this year and last year:

2009 Results:

(O.A. rankings are in bold)

19th Overall:  1:23:17

Swim: 19th 12:52

T1:  6th 1:42

Bike:  22nd 41:16

T2:  24th 1:02

Run:  35th 26:27

2010 Results:

11th Overall:  1:21:56

Swim:  13th 13:59

T1:  3rd 1:31

Bike:  10th 40:12

T2:  9th 00:49

Run:  27th 25:27

I improved my overall ranking in each and every event, and in the overall I improved by 8 spots.  I guess tomorrow’s post will be all about humility, apologizing for bratty behavior and looking at the big picture.



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