Product Review: Saucony Fastwitch 4’s

28 04 2010

I am a minimalist runner.  I am not such a minimalist that I run barefoot or sport those cool but kinda dorky looking Vibram Five Finger Shoes, but in general I believe less is better when approaching the running shoe debate.  Luckily I am a very neutral runner, which makes it much easier to be a minimalist when it comes to running shoes!

This season I am sporting the Saucony Fastwitch 4’s for my race shoe.  Truth be told I would like these to be my every day running shoe because they fit me very well and help me to run ‘lighter,’ but when I began running in them every day (well, three days a week) I noticed two things.  First, they were wearing out quickly.  Second, I got so used to the super, super light feeling that when I wore them in the Shamrock Half they didn’t feel super light and quick.  Mental note:  they are race shoes meant for racing.  Must find another training shoe.    I switched over to the Tangent 3’s (the older model which is on sale) for my day to day training which seems to work very well for me.  It again is a very light, (it’s listed as a race shoe) very neutral shoe.  Perfect for me!  

Back to the Fastwitch!  These shoes weight a whopping 6 oz.  I find myself taking my shoes off after racing to make people feel how light they are.  Mental note:  people really don’t want to touch my nasty, sweaty race shoes.  Just to compare, a normal trainer (my first pair of Saucony’s the ProGrid Ride) weighs around 10 oz.  These suckers are light!

I will stress again that there really isn’t much support to these shoes.  This is great for me because it allows my foot to fall along it’s natural path.  This gives me more of a forefoot (well, I am more of a mid-foot striker) strike than when I am wearing a more controlled shoe.   I find I am able to keep a faster foot turnover rate and get a really good push off in a lighter, neutral shoe.  In essence my foot is on the ground for less time which is a good thing!

My very favorite thing about these shoes are the inside.  One word:  soft.  Sockless is NO PROBLEM in these.  I am even considering sockless for my half ironman because these feel so darn good.  I have done 5 miles sockless in them with no blistering or rubbing.

They did not come with elastic laces, so I went out and got a pair of black (come on, I’ve got to match!)  ibungee laces!  The one thing I would like to see changed is the tongue of the shoe.   I have to hold both sides of the tongue in transition to keep it from bunching.  I like an integrated tongue in my race shoes, it just saves me a few seconds in T2 and based on my run time last weekend I need to save those seconds anywhere I can!!

As promised, I will note that Saucony provided me a pair of these to try and review.  I will also note that said pair arrived a month and a half after I had already purchased a pair and put about 75 miles on them.  So, yes Saucony is one of my sponsors and gave me the product to review, but I also purchased a pair and after checking out mine my husband purchased a pair as well.  His are yellow which is clearly not as cool as green!



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28 04 2010
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28 04 2010
Michelle Simmons

I ran 13 miles in my Fastwich 4’s this morning and felt great! They are definitely fine for at least 13 miles. Good to know that they’re fine for racing 1/2 IM… 🙂

30 04 2010

Great review, and great comment above too. I have worn my Fastwitches a few times to get used to them, but haven’t run in them yet. I was going through the mental process of trying to decide if I was going to race my upcoming 70.3 in them. Just might do it!!!

12 05 2010
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22 09 2010

How many miles are you getting out of your fastwitch shoes on average? 150? 300? I love these shoes, by the way.

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