The 100 Mile Diet

27 04 2010

Sigh, swim practice is over and all my kids are getting ready for finals and graduation.  I am going to move Tri-Swim day on the blog to Thursday since that is one of my swim days!

As we get all geared up for the summer I thought I would share and idea I ran across on twitter.  There is a website, and book called 100 Mile Diet:  Local Eating for Global Change. I had already decided that for the summer atleast 50% of our total food budget would be from local sources.   The products that concerned me the most were gluten free snacks, cheese and cereal.  These are staples in our house!  I found out that I can get local cheese one of the local Mennonite farmer’s market, now we will have to see if my daughter will eat it!   There are a few other things I’m not so sure about – what about oil?  Flours?  I don’t think you can pick up gluten free flours just anywhere!  I’ll be picking up the book today and hopefully that will answer most of my questions.  I’ll give a full review of the book in a few weeks after I have finished it!

For myself personally I will take it a step further and do the 100 mile diet for the entire summer.  I will begin my summer on June 1st. That will mean no eating out, which is fine with me – eating out is a pain in the butt with celiac!  The biggie is coffee – NOBODY gows coffee locally – and I am not pleasant without coffee!!  Hmmm,  I will have to work out a few things!!!   I don’t think I’ll miss the processed stuff at all.  I dumped most of the processed food from my diet a few weeks ago and have already lost 5 out of my 10 off season lbs. with no extra effort at all.




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27 04 2010

I am involved with a local CSA. I pay $400, he brings fresh veggies to my door once a week. I love it! Although I wish I would get more raspberries. I could live on raspberries.

27 04 2010

Thanks for putting up the link to the book. I did the diet several years ago and I think I will try it again this summer. It was expensive, but I always like knowing where my food comes from and the connection I make with the sellers at the farmers market. Can’t wait to read your review of the book.

27 04 2010

coffee is impossible–even Barbara Kingsolver couldn’t do that. she just bought fair trade coffee, which you can do at starbux.

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