Smells Like TEAM Spirit

26 04 2010

I had a lot of folks ask about HOW I got on Team Trakkers while sporting my team green swag yesterday. It was fun to race in my team kit so I thought I would share with my blog folks exactly how I got onto Team Trakkers and what racing for a team entails.

Last year I saw on a blog that I read that Team Trakkers was accepting applications for the 2010 race season.  I looked online for as much information as I could find about Trakkers and decided it was something I would like to support and endorse so I filled out my little application and sent it off into the electronic abyss.  I got an email that out of 800 applicants I was in the final and had to answer a few more questions.  After a couple more weeks I got the official invite to join the team!  Along with Trakkers (see below) the team was partnering up with Saucony, First Endurance, Tri-Swim, Kestrel bikes, REV3 races and All3 Sports.

As a member of the team you sign a contract.  That contract says you will train and race in your sponsors’ products.  Thankfully the team has an awesome group of products that I can fully and whole heartily endorse.  I actually was already using a lot of the products, so all I have to do now is talk publicly at races, while training and at races about the products.  No problemo!

We have about 40 age groupers on our team and eight professional athletes on the team.  We use twitter, email and facebook to connect with one another.  I have met two of our teammates already and get to meet a lot more in less than two weeks at REV3 Knoxville!  In addition to our fun team challenge,  we get to do a team dinner, team photos and I’ll be hanging out at the Trakkers booth during the expo on Saturday.  Stop by and see me if you are there!  If you haven’t registered yet, registration closes on Friday!  Use the code TRAERS113 for $10 off your registration to any REV3 event!

Finally, there is a little more to it than contracts and products.  When I was racing in my team uniform yesterday I was very aware that everyone sees my uniform and associates my actions with the name of my team.  I made it a point (as I usually do) to race positively.  I cheered on almost every racer I passed.  Two years ago my, then 8 year old did the swim and run legs of a relay at the Angel’s race.  Every JMU tri club racer that passed her cheered her on.  They were at the finish line cheering for her in mass.  She still remembers and talks about that.

When you are racing in a uniform you are more visible.   Hopefully people are taking the time to notice the sponsors, so most likely uniforms are bright and visible.   People will remember not only your sponsor names and the colors of your uniform, but your actions.  I took a lesson from my JMU kids yesterday.  They were still out in mass, cheering on every racer.  I was so proud as their coach of how they represent their uniforms.  




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26 04 2010

i agree-that is a very friendly race. i think it has something to do with the charity involved. but I would have to say you are always a supportive racer. It’s important! It makes racing so much more worthwhile. I’m glad Anna remembers it fondly. Sophie remembers Bath County relay and all the accolades that were heaped on her after finishing the run. (we never told anyone about the crying on that big hill).
Plus let’s not forget common etiquette, such as never passing someone on the right or sprinkling powder all over the transition area. not to mention any names or anything.

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