Broken Things

22 04 2010

This week my training schedule has been to run from doctor appt. to doctor appt. with my son.  When not playing chauffeur, I have plaid nursemaid to a very cute little boy that can’t walk.   Today’s appointment confirmed what I suspected, a fracture.  Turns out kids don’t usually sprain ankles because their little little tendons and ligaments are elastic and stretchy!  A short 4 week stint in a cast and he’ll be as good as new!

This has come at a very inconvenient time!  This week was basically my last good week of training before we begin our 3 week stint of races culminating in the REV3 half in Knoxville.   Paul and I are both supposed to race this weekend, trusting the kids to sit nicely on their own for an hour (o-k, an hour and 15 min).  How do you leave a little boy with a broken foot for an hour (and twenty min., really!?)  Do I train hard next week and risk totally wrecking my race at Smith Mountain Lake next weekend?  Speaking of that, is it even alright to both race then, expecting either my 10 year old daughter or my sister who will be watching a 5 month old as well to watch a kid with a cast?

All of these questions and changes and breaks to my schedule and honestly, all of it is o-k with me.  I try very much to make sure that my training and racing fit into my life, not the alternative.  I don’t want to make my kids and my life fit into my training.  As I thought about not racing this weekend at Angel’s race I thought about one of my wonderful clients who has had her share of bumps this year in her training.

Anne has dealt with a lot of hurdles this season.  She recently had to decide whether to postpone her first race of the season.  I love when I can take inspiration and learn from those that I train.  I guess this week she has trained me in learning when I need to be happy with my training for training sake, let life run its’ course and put the people that I love before everything else.

If I can race on Sunday I will.  I will swim fast, bike like the wind and run until I puke.  When it’s all over I will be happy with my results, no matter what they are.  If I don’t race on Sunday I will enjoy being at the race with my kids, cheering on my wonderful husband and all my FABULOUS JMU Tri club kids.   Over the next two weeks I will train when I can, and trust that I have worked hard all spring and my had work, wonderful sponsor products and support of my great team will carry me to a 5:45 or better in Knoxville!




2 responses

22 04 2010

not ok to leave 10 year old with 5 month old and little brother. get a babysitter or drop them here in Roanoke! it’s fun day at CSE!

22 04 2010

No, I’d be leaving the little brother with the 10 year old, the 5 month old would be with his mom – I just worried about leaving the 5 month old and the 7 year old cripple with my poor sister during a race!!

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