21 04 2010

As I might have mentioned six million times on my blog, I have absolutly loved being a part of Team Trakkers!  First and formost it gives me such a motivation to train more, race harder and represent for the team!  I have made new friends all over the US which is fun!  As I might have mentioned before, I am a gear whore and being on the team sure helps with that!   Yesterday I recvieved my second team kit – awesome Canari bike gear AND a cool Saucony messenger bag!   I don’t want to post pictures until all of my team mates have gotten their stuff – no need to ruin their surprise!!

Recently the Trakkers Elite team laid down a $5k challenge to the K-Swiss / Trek Pro team  at the Knoxville REV3 race.  It has been fun listening to the smack talk back and forth (and really funny to hear some of the K-Swiss fans that take it so seriously and have gotten really upset with Trakkers!) Last week on the REV3 radio show the Trakkers Elite team was on, as I posted previously they might have POLITELY mentioned a few times that they planned on collecting the $5k at the end of the Knoxville race.   : )  Ok, maybe not so politely, but it was all in fun!  Tonight on the REV3 show Julie Dibens and Andrew Yoder from team K-Swiss will be responding!  Click on the link on the bottom right of my screen to take you to the Blogtalk radio show at 8pm tonight!!  Local Knoxville pro Eric Bell will also be on the show to talk about specifics of the swim, bike and run courses.

Last but certainly not least, our team powers that be decided not to leave all of us age group team members out of the challenge fun!   SO, even though we’ll all be cheering like crazy for Michael, Amanda, Dede, Jacqui, Richie, Brian, & Mary Beth to beat the pants off Team K-Swiss, we get to have a little fun too!  Thanks to our wonderful sponsors Trakkers and Saucony we have a little something to ante up ourselves. $500 in Saucony gift certificates on the line for Dynamo MultisportTerrier Tri, and us. Top 3 men, Top 3 ladies add up the times, low net wins. Just like the old cross-country days.

They chose the teams that had the most folks signed up, so even though they might have strength in numbers, Team Trakkers has just plain strength~




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