Making Lemonade

20 04 2010

You know the old adage about life giving you lemons . . .  Today is  a lemonade kind of day.   My 7 year old son was hopping when he got off the bus yesterday.  I thought he was just being silly, until I took off his shoe.  Grapefruit for an ankle.  Apparently it was acrobatics day in gym class.   Boo.  RICE began immediatly, but unfortunatly the swelling and pain didn’t feel like going away.  So, when he woke up with an elephant ankle that was bruised off we went to the doctor.  Doctor didn’t like the looks of things so she sent us off for x-rays.  I was pleased because I thought the x-rays looked clear. . .

Salter-Harris Type 1 Fracture

Apparently I’m not a doctor!  Dr. and radiologist felt that there was a questionable fracture on the growth plate.  Boo.  Plan was to splint or boot it  for the remainder of the week and re-x-ray on Monday to look for new bone growth.  No problem, we’ll go get a boot real quick and send him off to school.  Unless of course no supply stores in town carry youth walking boots.  No problem, we’ll go with crutches and a splint.  What, you don’t have ANY splints for the left foot?  Of course not.  4 stores later I call my husband who tells me that oh, yeah – he actually has an air cast at home.  Grrrr.  Lemons out of lemonade, I only had to buy crutches, not a splint.

AND, best part was getting to spend the day with my baby boy.   Even though he weighs 68 lbs. now it was a little nice to be needed so much that I got to carry him around and wait on him hand and foot 🙂   Now that the kids are getting older they don’t need me as much as they once did.  I guess today it was a nice reminder that my baby boy still needs his mom.   See, lemons out of lemonade.



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