My Life as a Pie Chart

19 04 2010

After my weekend meltdown, that coinsided with my childrens’ weekend meltdown I thought it might be time to sit down and look at where I am spending my time and how it might better be utilized.  I read a blurb in my  Real Simple magazine by Kristin Van Ogrop about fitting friendships into a busy adult life.  She did an exercise that really struck me as useful.  She created a pie chart of where (and to whom) her time goes.

I decided to sit down, using last week and create my own pie chart.  Here it is:

What this all tells me is that #1 – I like my sleep : )  In general I get 10 hours a night of sleep.  I used to sleep for about 8 hours a night and grab a quick cat nap during the day when I could, but I think for me a good solid 10 hours a night is best for rest and recovery.  Every once and a while I suffer bouts of insomnia and it’s not pretty for anyone around me.  I guess I’m just a princess when it comes to my sleep! : )

#2 – I would like either my training to be more or my electronics to be less!  I do love my tv, and although I have cut back on my evening TV (thus the husband time and reading time that I left off the chart), I still watch too much TV and am on the internet entirely too much!

#3 – I am lucky that my kids are a large part of my work.  My main job is being a stay at home mom.   I coach and I love that job, but the real job for me is my mom job.  My kids are in school right now, but when summer comes that % is going to go WAY up, so I have to find a way to balance my other work and my workouts (eek, I fear my sleep might decrease!!) when we make that summer leap.

#4 – I didn’t include all the groceries, cleaning (ha, anyone that has been to my house knows that is a VERY small portion of my week!!) and all those other household things that I do.  I guess I should have had a category for ‘other!’

So, taking a real look at my time I am fairly happy with where things are.  I guess as moms we expect things to run as planned and maybe just maybe the stress of a couple of big races that are coming up have influenced my stress!  I will be taking a bit of a step back from my vices of a little morning TV and way too much Facebook and Twitter.  But my blog, never!!



3 responses

19 04 2010

Really interesting post and perspective on where your time goes. I’m a little afraid to plot out my time like that 🙂

20 04 2010

i couldn’t see your pie chart 😦
i am so impressed you sleep that much. i am terrible about sleep and get between 5-7 a night. i always want to nap in the afternoon unless i have a diet coke. i seriously need to change this!!

25 04 2010

So glad to hear someone else likes 10 hours of sleep too! I aim for a minimum of 9 but prefer closer to 10 and I am not ashamed to go to bed 11 hours before my alarm is set to go off either! 🙂

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