17 04 2010

You know those weeks where you get healthy family sit down dinners in every night, you help your kids with their homework, you get all your work done – well, all you workouts get completed and life is good?  This is not one of those weeks.  As I type my children are BOTH (that’s two for the price of one) in their rooms sobbing, angry at me for yelling at them because they were yelling at each other.  In addition I still have a swim to complete, workouts to write that should have been done Thursday, and a long ride to do on Sunday.  All of this adds up to not a lot of quality family time, lots of stress, tears and yelling.

Time to sit down and re-work the family schedule because this has not been fun and I’m not being a good mom, coach, athlete or wife right now and I should be able to get atleast 3 out of 4 each week, even if it’s not the same three.  : (



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17 04 2010

Ohh Kati!! Go easy on yourself! So hard to find a balance. My sister has three kids and before I had Soren she would tell me it was hard to balance being a good mom, wife, athlete.. I never really ‘got it’ til now… She frequently rearranges the ‘family schedule’… I guess my only solace is that we’re all normal that we feel this way–though we’re probably all hard on oursleves more than we need to be! Here’s to us figuring it out!!!

17 04 2010

That was me last weekend!!!!! You feel like you aren’t 100% great at ANYTHING. Some weeks it just doesn’t click. I find myself pointing out to the kids the times that things go really well (“Wow…you guys behaved really well when Daddy was at work last night”). I am seriously struggling with “Mom Guilt” right now about being away for two work events and Quassy in May/June, but I also realize it is the time I regroup and come back a more engaged Mom. Hang in there!!!!!!

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