I love a good team challenge!!

10 04 2010

Last night one of my really super bad ass Team Trakkers team mates had a swim meet.  I have to say, I am a super geek for a good swim meet!  In Roanoke adults could swim on the summer swim teams (with the kids) and even got to compete in the meets!   I thought that was an awesome family activity and the kids got to cheer for their parents, see them working hard in practice and parents got to re-live their youthful days of swim meets!  One word – AWESOME!

Bummer, here in the ‘Burg there is no adult swimming on the teams.  I’m lobbying and trying to get this changed, but for this summer I’m going to have to find different swim challenges to fuel my inner swim child.  Back to Sonja – we were all tweeting last night during and after her swim and a few of us decided to do a little Team Trakkers 1650 yard Time Trail Challenge!  It’s amazing how little it takes to get me all geeked up for a swim!  Off I go to the pool today for my 1650 swim challenge.  I will swim until it hurts, then I’ll channel my inner GRRRRR and swim a little harder.  We are giving our team mates a week to complete their swim and report in.  We will be reporting times on Twitter under the hashtag #trakkersTTswim, so you can check in if you simply put that in the search box.

The challenge is open to everyone, you don’t have to be a member of Team Trakkers.   I want to see some times reported in my comment section, the only rule is that you swim hard, you swim 1650 yards and you report your time either here under comments OR on twitter under the #trakkersTTswim hashtag!  Swim on!




One response

10 04 2010

You go girl. I’m so glad you hopped on the bandwagon. I think the idea of swimming meets with the kiddos is SCARY. I would get whooped. Every time I swim with kids in the pool they seem to be super human. I love how they just throw their arms and legs around everywhere, but they book it!

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