I Hope I’ll be Fast at Forty!

7 04 2010

When I grow up I want to be  a fast triathlete.  I can place at local races, but as soon as I step out into the big girl’s world of racing I’m lucky to be in the top half of my age group.  That’s really o-k with me, for now.  As I begin the descent to the big 4-0 I think that maybe that will be my fast decade.  No  need to dread being FORTY or IN MY FORTIES.  Nah, I think I’m going to be that woman that people talk about, Wow, did you see her time – and she’s FORTY!

I started thinking about this yesterday when I was doing some REV3 research.  Tonight on the Blogtalk Radio Show (REV3 is one of my sponsors) they will be interviewing JoAnna Zeiger.  I have seen JoAnna race for the last few years, but haven’t heard a lot of media about her so I wanted to know a little more.  There at the top of her webpage was a link to her blog, FAST AT FORTY .  For some reason that name really struck me, and I liked it.   I enjoyed reading her blog, but I love reading blogs about training, racing and all things running, biking and swimming.  I guess I’m still a tri-geek!   My favorite post was THE FLIPSIDE.

So, in between multiple meetings I’ll quickly pop on to listen to the show tonight and can’t wait to hear JoAnna talk more about being a woman of (almost) forty, racing, training and living the tri life.  8 pm – link on the bottom right corner of my blog.

Tomorrow’s post will be all about starting out in the sport of triathlon!  All the newbie ever needed to know!!




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