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1 04 2010

There was an article in the Carolina Weekly that pretty much sums up why I do what I do.    Take a moment to read, please.  After you read come on back here and learn why I do what I do.

Almost seven years ago I began doing triathlons.  I did it for me, as a way to get back in shape after two kids.  I did it as a way to stay connected to my husband despite the whirl wind of 2 young children, a house, two (at times three) jobs – the list goes on and on.  Then two and a half years ago that all changed.   One of my oldest and dearest friends that I had lost touch with over the years was fighting a battle that I couldn’t even fathom.  Her son was dying and there was not a thing that could be done.   I was a hundred and eighty miles away and I couldn’t help.  I couldn’t keep Garrett from dying.  I couldn’t be there to hold Renee’s hand, make her meals, sit with her.

Renee and Scott took the greatest tragedy of their lives and turned it into hope for other families facing similar tragedy.  For that they will always be heroes to me.   I can’t explain the connection I feel to Garrett.  I was never able to meet him, but somehow he has carried me through two seasons of ironman training and racing.   I want to be a hero for him by giving his life a legacy by supporting Garrett’s Wings.  This year I will raise $5000 for Garrett’s Wings in honor of Garrett’s fifth birthday.  Give a dollar, give a hundred dollars – whatever you can.  You can donate here , or you can follow the instructions on the Garrett’s Wing’s website to send a check.  Just let me know you donated or mark the memo so I can make sure that I know who to thank.




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1 04 2010
Meghan Ling

Wow, what a courageous family and you too.

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