Things that I LOVE

31 03 2010
  • My kids on spring break and ACTUALLY getting along!  It’s like the twilight zone around here!
  • Getting up in the morning to workout so that I can spend the day with the kids!
  • Wednesdays!  They are awesome with my favorite TV shows, JMU Tri Club meeting and REV3 Blogtalk radio shows*!
  • My new Saucony Trakkers team uniform!! – the back pocket on the shorts fits a EFS Liquid Shot flask perfectly!
  • Finding race nutrition that works!  I have been struggling with food that I can eat before a workout, everything I have tried lately has made my stomach cramp up.  This morning I had a banana, one ounce of EFS liquid shot and 1 bottle (1.5 scoops) of EFS grape drink – worked like a charm.
  • Beautiful Spring weather!  Looks like an outside day to me!

**One of my sponsors, REV3 has been hosting a weekly radio show on Blogtalk radio.  This week will feature Craig Alexander – THE Ironman World Champ!  It really is a great show, you can call in and ask Craig questions, or just listen!  I for one want to know what int the world the Craig Alexander I-Phone app does!  8pm EST, click on the link on the bottom right corner of my blog!



4 responses

31 03 2010

You and Kiersten are spoiled. You live close to HQ so you get all the goodies before everyone else. I’m thinking mine should be here tonight or tomorrow…. can’t wait.

I’m thinking of creating a Facebook fan page picture album for “2010 Team Trakkers Uniform Fashion Show.” Haha.

31 03 2010

Jamie – Yes we do!! It’s great!! Just wait till May 1st so that my uniform picture is (hopefully) on the podium of my first tri of the season!!

31 03 2010
Meghan Ling

Thanks for visiting my blog, is this the same team that Megan is on? How fun for you guys. Can you tell me the name of the shorts you have that have a pocket for the gel flask? Maybe you can take a picture of them, I’ve been looking for some shorts like this but the pockets are usually too small! I need ’em fast though!
Enjoy your kiddos and spring break!

31 03 2010

Here is a link to what the short pocket looks like. The shorts are a Saucony tri short, but the actualy Saucony tri short has a side pocket, and ours is on the back. These running shorts have the same pocket.***4*******80024-BK00**M&productId=4-100670&catId=cat10002

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