TRI-SWIM Tuesday: Pool Swims – Take 3

30 03 2010

O-k I know I have been harping on the pool swim tri and for those of you that are not into pool swims, humor me for one more week while I talk about pool swims AGAIN.  Angel’s Race is coming up in a few weeks and since I will be timing the event I would like swim times to be correct and swimmers to know what the heck they are doing.

I was playing cheerleader for my husband’s season opener tri on Sunday and got some video of how to do pull swim turns AND how not to do pool swim turns.   Because I didn’t get permission from the folks I was filming I decided to only post the how to’s, but  I have to tell you  – there were some wacky turns and push offs there!

First, I must apologize for the video quality.  Not the actual quality – that’s fine, but the actual quality of the videographer (me) is not great – I might have been slightly distracted by my adorable 4 month old nephew next to me!  You will notice at Cool Breeze you switch lanes each 25.  For those that are doing Angel’s Race please note that you switch lanes each 50.  That makes an accurate swim time even more important because it’s harder to pass with people swimming in both directions in the lane.

This week’s JMU Tri Club Swim was focused on a longer set at race pace, along with a little bit of sighting work!

Warm up:  200 (sprint) 300 (int’l)

4 x 50 drill, 4 x 50 build

Main Set:  International: 1000 @ Int’l race pace sighting 2 times each 50, 300 swim without pushing off the wall

Sprint:  700 @ sprint race pace, 2 x 100 working on your under the lane line turns

Cool down:  200 (sprint) 300 (international)



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