Back on track . . . and on the track!

29 03 2010

After spectating at my husband’s first race of the season on Sunday I am so ready for my first tri of the season May 1st!  I did get my first race of the season done last weekend, but being a running race it just doesn’t feel like a ‘real’ race to me!  I just gotta swim!

After the race came the bad, bad stomach week.  After the bad stomach week came the trip to North Carolina (but aaaaah, I got to see my amazingly cute 4 month old nephew : ), so to say that my training has been bad would be a severe understatement!  Time to get back on track again!  Smith Mountain Lake is only FIVE weeks away, by then I need to be five pounds lighter and about 10 watts faster!  REV3 Half (Knoxville) is one SIX weeks away, by then I need to be six pounds lighter and able to manage 150 watts for 56 miles, followed by a sub 2 hour run!  Eeek!

Thank goodness the weather looks beautiful this week.  Inspired by another blogger and USAT coach, I thought I would set out a few goals for my week!

Goals for the week of 3/29:

Physical:  Get my quality track session done and get a good 55 miles in outside on Sat., hopefully on the Skyline Drive

Family:  Balance my workouts and spring break so that the kiddos don’t spend the entire week watching TV while I’m on the trainer.  Looks like some early AM runs and bikes

Work:  I need to schedule some time with the JMU team that will be going to Nationals to get some goal setting and race planning done.



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