I’m having a week . . . So I’ll give something away!

26 03 2010

I feel like I’m having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.  I’ll be waiting for someone to comment with the appropriate response to that!  In fact, how about I give away a flask of EFS Liquid Shot to the first follower (you need to be a blog follower – see the button on the bottom right of the page) that leaves me the correct response!

Anyhow, my tweet last night:  Do you ever have those days or weeks when you just don’t feel like an athlete?  says it all.   First I missed my time goal by one minute on Sunday.   I’m the type of person that would rather blow up and be 10 min. off  than to miss by 1 min.  It’s like 4th place.  I hate 4th place.  I know – silly, but it’s just how my wacky brain works.

I followed that up by returning home to stomach trouble.   I can’t seem to bounce back from my gluten incident like I normally do.   Yesterday I was still down and out.  That gives me a whopping total of 1:45 on the bike this week.  That’s it.  No running, no swimming – just one hour and forty five min. on the bike.  Eek!

I have put myself on a modified BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) diet.  I had a bottle of EFS drink for breakfast (I really need the fluids and electrolytes at this point), and a banana.  If that settles things a bit I will upgrade to another bottle of EFS and some plain rice for lunch.  I am staying away from toast because the only gluten free bread I have in the house is full of nuts and other normally yummy things that will NOT be good right now.

I should probably be skipping my coffee but that would definitely make it a terrible horrible very bad day for everyone around me too, so for now we’ll just take it one cup at a time!



3 responses

26 03 2010

having tons of stomach trouble myself today. ugghhhh. i bet this is what it feels like for you.
what nutrition do you recommend for a 4.4 bay swim? I have no pockets!!!

30 03 2010

Well, I bet you’re thinking about moving to Australia. (Me too.) But remember everyone has bad days/weeks. Even people in Australia.

30 03 2010

I can’t figure out how to “follow” your blog… I subscribe on google reader but even on your main blog page, I don’t see a follow button like you described. Or do you mean the subscribe via email?

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