Wild and Wonderful Wednesday

24 03 2010

I can walk down stairs again!  If you have never run a race so hard (or maybe dehydrated yourself so much in the race) that you can’t walk for 2 days after I would highly recommend it.  There’s nothing like standing at the top of your staircase looking down thinking, this might take 10 min. to get down!  I remember after the Disney marathon looking at the Space Mountain roller coaster wondering if once I painfully lowered myself down into the car if I would ever get back up!  I also remember my children laughing at our pain – ingrates!

I have a nice 2 hour bike on tap for today, along with a very easy 2 mile run.  With six weeks till HalfREV and eight weeks until Triple T I am beginning to feel those pangs of training panic.  This drove me to spend an hour and a half yesterday actually writing up my season plan rather than writing my workouts week to week.  All the folks I coach have a season plan, why in the world would I not develop one for myself?!  Now have one too!

With that done I feel a little better and am still moving forward assuming that believing that I can reach my goals is half the battle.  Either that or ignorance is bliss.  Either way – I will qualify for HalfMax and I will finish the Triple T.

Wednesday is really my favorite day of the week now.  Especially since it’s college basketball time.  I have a weakness for Survivor.  Yes, I know it’s drivel,  but I still love the show – moving on.  So, tonight is the REV3 Blogtalk radio show and NEXT week – Craig Alexander – Ironman World Champion! (SORRY, I GOOFED, SHOW IS ON NEXT WEEK!!!)  8 pm – link on the bottom right of my page.  I do have to interject that Rev3 is one of my sponsors – but the radio shows really are fun to listen to and I have loved the chat room that goes on during the show.  Other pro’s drop in to chat, therefor I am chatting with the pro’s.  : )  After the radio show I have all my great shows on DVR to watch, including Survivor that has been moved to Wed.. due to that silly March Madness stuff!   Fabulous evening!



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