Tri-Swim Tuesday: The Chafe

23 03 2010

What in the world is the purpose of having wonderful sponsor products when you don’t use them in a race?  I’m not sure if I was asleep for the entire race Sunday or what – but when I got into the shower post-race I found this:


There are 3 others that I won’t show, but needless to say – I forgot that it was actually warm outside and I would actually be sweating, therefor I needed my TRI-SLIDE, so that I would not be actually chafing for the entire race.   I know a lot of folks use one of the stick form of anti-chafe products out there, but since 1. my husband and I share and 2. eww, I have germs and I know it, I would rather go with a spray on silicone.  I sprayed my toes well and they were fine for the race, but my jog bra area and legs – not so good.  Another mistake made, another lesson learned!  Moving on!

Today’s swim is again practicing for the pool swim.  I noticed a few of the kids this morning loosing a lot of time on the wall for the snake swim.  Remember, you don’t have to touch the wall on both sides of the lane lines.  Come to the wall of the lane you are swimming, grab it and push off straight into the next lane and begin your swim.  Don’t grab the wall on the other side, you can loose some serious time this way!!

Sprint Practice is in parentheses & italic, International practice is in bold.

Warm up:  300 swim mix of strokes, (100 mix of strokes) 6 x 50 drill [25 drill, 25 swim – 1. fingertip drag 2. 6 x 3 3.  side kick right, 4. side kick left 5. fist swim 6. tarzan] :10 r.i. (same)

6 x 25 sprint all out :15 – :20 r.i. (same)

SNAKE SWIM (pool triathlon) PRACTICE: (same instructions – swim in a snaking pattern through 4 or 5 lanes, depending on how many are open)

4 x 200 – 250 depending on how many lanes you can hog at :30 slower than goal race pace (3 x 200)

500 swim @ goal race pace (int’l distance race pace)

Cool Down:  300 mix of strokes (100 mix of strokes)



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23 03 2010
Jessi Thompson

I love love love me some TriSlide. 🙂

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