Shamrock Half – Race Plan

19 03 2010

It’s a race, It’s a race . . . .

I’m so excited about actually racing this weekend!  The weather looks gorgeous, I can actually hear birds singing outside my window right now. It’s quite Cinderella, no wait – I’m not doing chores.  It’s quite Snow White, there is a little person running around.  What was I talking about?

Ah ha – the race!  This will come as no surprise to those that have read my wacky goal setting blog posts that I am also a little wacky about having a race plan.   I guess I go with the adage, if you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there?   These can range from a mental plan to a 12 page (oh yes, I am not kidding, it was a work of art) typed Ironman race plan.  There is always a plan floating around in my head – my husband might say that’s a dangerous thing.

Finally – to this weekend’s race!  I recently stumbled across a fabulous blog – Goals for the Week that is written by another USAT coach, Anne Marie.  Her recent post is about formulating her race plan for Lavaman.  She took the race plan to a whole new level by having a map printed up and actually marking the map with thoughts, goals and mantras.  I can not tell you how excited I am to try this!!!   Maybe we should go back to my earlier post this week about being a tri geek?  Anyway – the short of it:

Goals for the Shamrock Half:

  • Run to the Pain – Some races are just for fun, for those I don’t really see the need to go to the pain cave – this one I want to be knocking on the door of that pain cave by mile 6 and leaping out victorious at mile 13.1!
  • Even splits for the first 6 miles, faster splits for the last 7 miles.  I would like to pace it so that I am steady and almost on the dot for the first 6 miles right around an 8:10 or so.  I would like it even more if for the last 7 miles I am at closer to an 8:00.
  • Keep up with Vic!  One of my oldest and bestest friends is running the race with me as her first half marathon.  I kind of trained her for the event (except she refused to do the cross training I told her to do : ) and she is a great runner!  I have no doubt that I will have to work to keep up with her – what better motivation!?

My mantras for this one are:  To the Pain and Strong and Steady (thanks sweetie!).

Nutrition Plan:   2 gluten free apple muffins (homemade) and a cup of coffee for breakfast, take 1 bottle with 1.5 scoops of EFS drink(fruit punch) and sip before the race, 1 swig of EFS liquid shot every 30 min. with a sip of water.  I am also bringing my Ultragen for my post race drink since I can’t have the beer they are serving : )

The threads:  I know some folks don’t bother with matching or colors when racing, but I go with “if I can’t be the fastest, I’d better look good.”  So, because it’s the Shamrock Half marathon I obviously must wear green.  I will be sporting my green Trakkers visor, my green Saucony Fastwitch 4, my race shirt from last year (also green), and my super fabulous arm warmers to keep my arms warm for the first few miles.  (I guess I’ll wear shorts too!)  I usually have a strict policy against wearing race shirts in a race, but this time I’ll be wearing last year’s shirt in honor of my other BFF Renee who ran the race last year as her first half marathon.  She can’t be there this year, so I’ll make sure I carry her (and Garrett) along in spirit!

I’m so hopeful for a great race.  It has been 2 years since I have had a really good run. Feb. 2008 was my mono month.  I was pretty down and out for about 3 months, then still recovering for about another 6 months.  I still have yet to have a good run since then, but I think this weekend is the one!   At least I know where I am going.



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22 03 2010

how did it go? hope it was great and you got some good g-f time in. I got my knee pain straightened out and did a sub 1:50 in Nov at the 1/2 here in Roanoke and I’m quite convinced i’ll never be able to do that again. Nor will I want to.
Our GGG running club is going great! I am sort of using a lot of GOTR workouts, so I guess it’s really a GGGontheRun club. 20 girls running the Gallop! But you know what? My running sucks right now! I can’t seem to get all 3 sports on an equal playing field. I guess if I did I’d be a more successful triathlete. Now I feel like just a swimmer.

22 03 2010
Jill (tribirdie)

Ok, that race plan with the map sounds amazing… I would never be able to do that. Do you have the recipe for those gluten free apple muffins? sounds yummy! Congrats on the PR today!

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