Hi, I’m Kati and I’m a Tri-Geek.

17 03 2010

This is how the week is going.   So I’m going to step away from the moment and tell you about the great things I am looking forward to!

Not long from now, 8pm tonight to be exact, Matty Reed will be on REV3 Blogtalk radio.  For those that don’t know, Matty Reed is an Olympian.  I’m still working on my list of questions, make sure you stop by and log into the chat room – it’s hi-larious!  Hi, my name is Kati and I’m a tri-geek.

A few weeks ago I won a twitter contest to name Amanda Lovato’s bike.  I suggested the name “Pieridae” which is a type of a white butterfly.  This year Amanda won the Pucon 70.3 race, so of course I’m pretty geeked out that she’s going to be calling her bike ‘my’ name all season!   PLUS I get some goodies – she asked for my Splish suit size, pant size and shirt size – can I just say, every time that UPS truck drives by I jump up to look : )  Hi, my name is Kati and I’m a tri-geek.

Moving on, this weekend is the Shamrock Half Marathon!   The weather looks beautiful and there are lots and lots of friends that I will get to see there – I have my green shirt, green hat and green shoes ready to go!  Hi, I’m Kati and I’m a running geek.

May is super busy but just awesome!  I get to start the month in Gatlinburg with my aunts and cousins for a short girls get away, relaxing and resting up for the HALFREV.  Then we drive on over to Knoxville for what will hopefully be a great and very fast race!   I’m so excited to finally meet a lot of my Trakkers teammates.  Hi, I’m Kati and I’m a tri-geek.

Skipping forward to August -Jeff Mallett – my absolute favorite comic will be at the Luray Sprint and International Triathlon in August!   I am trying to come up with the most creative thing (get your minds out of the gutter) for him to sign.  NOT my bike, but I think maybe I’ll have to get a signed copy of his book to give away on the blog after the race!  Hi, I’m Kati and I’m a tri-geek.

The list could go on and on, but I will stop for now and let you marvel in my tri-geekyness.  (yes, I did make that word up – feel free to use it as needed.)




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17 03 2010

That is an awesome name for a bike!

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