Tri-Swim Tuesday

16 03 2010

It’s Tri Swim Tuesday again!  Students are back and swim practice is in full swing because Nationals AND Angel’s race are only a month away!!  Today’s practice is all about short rest with some good old fashioned 100 repeats.  We are working at different intensities – your moderate pace and your fast pace should NOT be the same!!  And by that I don’t mean slow your moderate pace down – I mean on your fast sets – GO FAST!!!


Warm Up: 150 swim, 4 x 75 kick [25 right, 25 left, 25 back] :15 r.i., 150 swim [build speed every 50]

Main Set: 2 x [100 moderate :20 r.i., 100 negative split :20, 100 moderate :20 r.i., 100 fast]

150 cool down


Warm up: 300 swim, 4 x 75 kick[25 right, 25 left, 25 back], 150 [build speed each 50]

Main Set:  5 x [100 moderate :20 r.i., 100 negative split :20, 100 moderate :20 r.i., 100 fast :30 r.i.]

Cool Down:  150 easy mix of strokes

Tri-Swim Goodies

Next – Sat. March 20 – 10 am Transition Clinic and Practice for the JMU Tri Club AND open to members of the Shenandoah Valley Triathlon Club.  Clinic will be held at the Keister Elementary School parking lot (Central Ave. lot).  Beginner clinic will be held first,  followed by practice for those that just need to run through and tune things up!  Bring all your gear!!  Bike, helmet, shoes, socks (if you wear them), race belt, hat . . . anything you need for T1 or T2 – you should have it with you!!   The best part – FREE STUFF!

Tri-Swim has donated two four packs of their handy 2 oz. travel bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion) for door prizes (although it’s an outdoor event, so technically there are no doors : )  These will be given away by drawing – one to someone at the beginner clinic, one to someone at the practice session.  PLUS I have sample goodies for everyone!  Thank you Tri-Swim!!!

Tri-Swim Samples and Door Prizes!




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