14 03 2010


This is what I consumed yesterday from 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. I found out through a wonderful Gluten Free blogger that everything at 5 guys is gluten free but the buns.  Order your burger sans bun or bring your own and voila – a yummy real hamburger!  With toppings that you can eat!   I can’t tell you the last time I had fried french fries.  I always bake them in the oven and can’t order them while eating out because the oil is almost always used to fry breaded things.  Not at 5 guys – and their french fries are real potatoes cut up and fried in peanut oil!  After 5 years of giving up fried food – the taste was divine!  Having said that, I will refrain from further meals at 5 guys unless it is a special treat because I refuse to feed my body junk, because I do believe that my performance depends on putting in good healthy foods to fuel the machine!

I can’t believe I ate all that I did, and on an off day!  I can just picture that 1000 calories, sitting on my butt waiting to be burned off!  Now I must go sweat it out on the Computrainer, followed by a great swim:  I have a nice set of 30 x 100 on the 1:40 to do!




One response

15 03 2010

haha! Awesome! French fries are my downfall. McDonald’s fries are usually “safe” because they have a designated fryer. 🙂

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