You are NOT special!

12 03 2010

No, you are in fact NOT SPECIAL.  (That so makes me think of Dana Carvey playing the church lady!  I couldn’t find a good clip to post for those youngsters out there – sorry!)  Sorry to break the news to you, but when there are rules, whether actual or just rules of ettiquite life would be a lot easier if YOU would follow them too, ‘cuz as I might have already mentioned, you are NOT SPECIAL.

When the rules are that you drop your children off in the lower loop at the school, rather than in the upper loop – you know where the BUSSES have to go, and day after day you are the only one driving up to the upper loop to drop your child off I have to wonder – are those 10 whole stairs they have to walk just too much for her?  Can you not be bothered to wait in line like the rest of us?  After all I am sure where you are going is so much more important than the rest of us.  Seriously, you are not that special – drop your kid off in the circle like the rest of us and follow the darn school rules.

It might not be a rule, but more like unspoken ettiquitte that if you put a bunch of baby powder on a asphalt transition area to mark your rack at transition you are in fact an ass.  Have you ever run across asphalt in bike shoes that has been doused with baby powder?  Yep, you guessed it – you’ll fall.  I would like to believe that you are simply inconsiderate and think you are special, not thinking about another racer falling and instead thinking you must, at all cost be first.  I would like to believe you are not sabotaging my race by making me fall and bust my butt, and instead you just think you are special and above the general rules of public consideration.

Again, news flash – me, not special, you – not special.  Just follow the rules and I won’t have to go all postal on you and we might just get along.   But secretly I’ll be thinking that I am in fact special because I do follow the rules and therefor, me- I’m special : )




One response

13 03 2010

oh yes, my favorite older lady triathlete (let’s call her BH), put powder down at Angel’s last year. Seriously, can you not remember where your bike is? Why the freakin’ drama with the baby powder. STUPID, people, STUPID. Same lady who PASSED ME ON THE RIGHT.

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