My AWESOME day!!

11 03 2010

Yesterday was an AAAW-some day!  Seriously, dusk to dawn – just great!  I am usually very tentative about riding (my bike) by myself.  Even more so since we have moved to the valley.  When I am out riding in BFE I usually don’t get cell reception, there are hardly any cars, which is a good thing, but not if I am hurt or abducted.  Yes, I do this worst case scenario thing with my children too – moving on.

I dusted off El Diablo for her first outside ride of the year

This is what it smelled like- COWS. PS - Cows don't smell good.

40 miles in the sunshine requires plenty of liquids - EFS Fruit Punch today

I decided the day was just too pretty to pass up an outdoor jaunt yesterday.  There is a 10 mile loop that the local cycling club (and the JMU club) use as a time trail course that is about 8 miles from the house.  That road is traveled enough that I felt safe on it by myself, but not so much that I was afraid of the cars.  Plus they are used to cyclist on the road all the time so cars are very kind.

It was a great ride, I did some race paced efforts on the outs and recovered on the backs.  All in all my odometer read 40 miles when I got back and I gotta say – I was FAST! (o-k, well fast for me)

Lots of horse and buggies out yesterday!

I never finish a ride w/o bike grease somewhere!

After getting kids home and homework done we headed to a swim team planning meeting.  It looks like a great year for the team and I am really excited about working with them on a few projects like the SWIM2 (that is supposed to be a squared, but I don’t know how to do that on my keyboard).

We finished up the evening listening to the REV3 podcast interview with Miranda Carfrae.  If you didn’t listen you missed out.  First off we had way too much fun in the chat room – and a couple of pro’s joined in the chat.   Second,  loved hearing Miranda (I guess they call her Rinny) talk about her training, her views on some issues such as DNF, sponsorship, training with other pro’s etc.   Finally, All3Sports did a gift cert give away and Paul won one of them.  $25 to spend at All3Sports.  He went straight for the Zipps when shopping and I had to gently remind him that it was $25 NOT $2500.

To top it all off it was my FAVORITE TV night, which I dvr’d while we were listening.  Finished up the evening with The Middle and Modern Family.

Ahhh, it was a good day : )



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