I Wonder Wednesday . . .

10 03 2010

-I wonder why my children take their clothes off right next to their hamper and toss them on the floor, only to be yelled at by their mother and forced to put them in the hamper.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just put them in the hamper in the first place?

-I wonder why my road bike position is giving me piriformis pain?

-I wonder why I can bike 28 miles, swim 2 miles and finish 30 min. of yoga but I can’t seem to get my kitchen floor cleaned?  (oh wait, maybe it’s because I biked 28 miles, swam 2 miles and did 30 min. of yoga : )

-I wonder why there are so dag on  many races in May and June and nothing to do in July?  We have a race or event every weekend from April 24 – June 7th but July – wide open!

-I wonder if any of my JMU kids are actually doing their workouts over spring break?  I KNOW I wouldn’t have but hope they are more disciplined than I was at that age!

That’s all for today – just some random musings from my head – sometimes a scary place to be!

PS- TONITE at 8pm on Blogtalk radio (see the button on the bottom right side of my page) Mirande Carfrae interview w/ Simply Stu and Heather Gollnick.  Awesome chance to call in and ask the pro’s anything you ever wondered like: I wonder how many hours you train in a week?  I wonder how you train your weaker sport?  I wonder how you got into professional racing?  I wonder if she wants to give me that pretty bike and fast wheels she rides?  See, it even fits with my I wonder Wednesday!  Come chat in the chat room during the interview, all the cool kids will be there!




One response

12 03 2010

Hi, I just found your blog. I love it. I’m gluten free too and it’s nice to find others who have dealt with being gluten free surrounded by so much wheat. Hope your piriformis is better. Don’t let it go too bad. Took me out last season.


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