Just get out there. . . .

7 03 2010

“It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.”
– Ann Trason

I didn’t want to go run today.  I didn’t want to run yesterday.  A nap and a good book sounded more up my alley this weekend ; )  Instead I forced myself out the door.  Yesterday I quit at 2.4 miles because I just wasn’t mentally able to pass my house and keep going.  Today I ran as far from the house as I could so that there was no turning back.  It might not have been the kind of run that I brag about, no PR’s were set today, but I just got out there and got my run done.  Some days are like that – but I figure they make those PR amazing kind of run days seem all the more amazing!

On another note I am building my St. Patty’s green outfit for the Shamrock Half Marathon in two weeks.   So far I have my green shoes:

Fastwitch 4's

Which I will review later in the week, but I need to figure out how to leprechaun out for the rest of my outfit.  I am half Irish after all! I’m hoping our Trakkers cool green race wear arrive by then, if not I might be doing some green shopping!!




One response

10 03 2010

It looks like the whole team is loving the Fastwitch’s! Those things are so light and speedy.

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