Goal Setting

1 03 2010

Goals are dreams with deadlines.  ~Diana Scharf Hun

For those that have been reading my blogs for a while you might have seen a post or three on goal setting before.  Sorry for the repeat, but I think it’s such an essential tool and it’s one of the most important things I do as a coach so it bears repeating!  I am a type A personality, I admit it.  I have to have solid goals, big and small to keep me sane.  I do recognize that lots of people can just train for the joy of it without feeling like they need to have set in stone goals.  If you are that person, I wish I had more of you in me.  I don’t though, so lets talk goals!!

1.  Macro/Season Goals – When you step back and look at your season you need to have one or two overall goals that identify what shapes your training.  My season goals this year are to

  1. Qualify for Halfmaxx and
  2. Train consistently with my husband this season.

You will notice I didn’t say, I want to race a 5:45 at REV3 Knoxville , that is a micro goal.  Because we are talking about macro goals or season goals I am not tying my success to one race.    I know that if I miss that micro goal there are other races that I can do to achieve my goal of qualifying.  It is equally important to me that my training is a benefit to my marriage and family, so my other macro goal is to train with my husband.

Both of these goals shape my training, the first shapes what training I do – I need to train not just endurance, but speed, speed, speed. I also know that based on my previous half to full iron distance race results I need to address some mental training/ racing issues.   My second goal shapes how I do my training.  It would be easy for me to set my schedule each week and do my own thing, but since I know I need to be training together with my husband I shape my week around our Thursday swims and finding time to do our long workouts together.

2.  Micro/Race Goals:  Once you set your macro goals and choose your races it’s time to get down to the business of what you can or want to do at each race.   I’m kind of funny with my micro goals, I have to have an A, B and C goal for each race.  Sometimes these are time based, sometimes they are performance based.  Looking again at REV3 Knoxville, my C goal is to break 6 hours.   That is my I must do goal.  I, frankly will not consider the race a success if I don’t.  For a new distance or new triathlete that C goal should always be to finish with a smile.   Since this isn’t my first half irondistance race, finishing won’t cut it for me.  Moving on.   My B goal is meeting the Halfmaxx qualifying time of 5:45.  I think this is very reasonable and achievable.  I fully expect to meet this goal.  My final A goal or ‘pie in the sky’ goal is to finish in the top third of my age group.   This is a bit of a stretch for me, but hey – if we don’t dream big, it’s hard to live big!

Notice that out of my micro three goals some are internal – goals that are controlled by me and my training.  One of my goals is an external goal.  I can’t control who else registers and what training they do, so it is external.  Can you tell which is which?



One response

1 03 2010

Great post, thanks! I hadn’t thought of splitting goals into macro and micro before – but it makes a ton of sense.

Good luck hitting your goals (all of them).

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