Date Day!

1 03 2010

Today was the first outdoor ride of the season.  That’s at least a month ahead of last year’s first outside ride!  As I was riding I was reflecting on the weekend of workouts and realized that I am right now (training-wise) about where I was last May.  That puts me a good two to three months ahead of the game!  (Which is pretty good since I have some lofty goals this season!)  Not only did I get a 13 mile run in yesterday – fabulous since last year I was sick all of Feb. and didn’t get ANY long runs in before doing the Shamrock Half Marathon in March, but I also got to ride my bike OUTSIDE – IN FEBRUARY!!!

So one (and there are many) of my GREAT perks of coaching the JMU Tri Club is that sometimes folks offer to babysit for us, just to be wonderful and kind and generous!  Today one of our kids came over and hung out with the kids while Paul and I went out and biked.  Add it up, it means – 100% free date!  In between rejoicing being out of the basement while on my bike (although I do love my computrainer) and cursing at the wind, hills and traffic I marveled at the beauty of the hills and mountains still covered with snow.  We even got the bragging rights of saying we rode IN the snow.  We had some snow flurries swirling around while we explored the back roads of Rockingham County.  All I can really say is AAAAAAH.  I love my bike!




One response

1 03 2010

Awesome date ride! I need to find some free babysitting (and some warm weather!) so me and my husband can ride together. Happy training!

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