Feb. strikes again!

25 02 2010

I have to begin this post with a little history lesson.   February 2007 – 2 weeks of the flu, completely down for the count.  Feb. 2008 brings a new and improved illness – Mono.  Yep, how many 30-something year old healthy eating, ironwomen do you know that get mono?  At least one.  I was completely useless for a month, not fully recovered for about six months.  Feb. 2009 – I decided to go old school and once again do 2 weeks of the flu, but improved upon it that time by finishing up with an additional week of the stomach flu.  That was 3 weeks of total uselessness.

This brings us to Feb. 2010.  I have lived in fear all month, but so far so good.  I have had a great training month, my first good Feb. in 3 years!  Yesterday was supposed to be a long training day.  Up at 5:30 and on the trainer by 5:45, an hour of good biking, followed by rushing kids off to school, then out for a run – a lovely 7 mile jaunt through the neighborhood with – huray – training partners!  Quick jump in the shower after the run and off to E’s school for my weekly volunteer time helping with reading groups.  I had this day planned down to the minute almost – after finishing up at the school I was to drop my car off to get my oil changed, run home from the car place, hop on the bike for another 2 hours of tempo riding and run back down to get the car.   By then the kids are arriving at home so a flurry of homework, dinner cooking and bedtime prep – then top off a full day by going to the JMU tri club meeting.

EXCEPT, after I finished up at the school I had a little tummy ache, so I caught a ride back from the car place.  My head was starting to hurt, so I sat down for a minute.  That turned into a 10 min. nap.  When I got up I got all decked out for my bike ride, got on the bike – then got right back off.  Tummy pain bad enough to plant me right back on the couch, followed by a low grade fever and headache to round it all out.  Grrrrr.  I spent the rest of the day in and out of awareness on the couch.  The sweet kids even tried to help make dinner, which sometimes is less helpful than one would think.

I’m up and going again today but think I’ll give Feb. the respect it is due and take it easy today.  I’m sure this one was just a little bug, but since there are still four more days left in the month I’m not taking any chances!



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25 02 2010

Get well soon!

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