It’s TRI-SWIM Tuesday . . .

23 02 2010

Last night I was reminded of why I use tri-swim – I had an awesome swim yesterday but forgot to pack my tri-swim body wash so I used the locker-room wall mounted generic stuff.  I was laying in bed thinking to myself – I smell like a pool.  The chlorine was still seeping out of my pores – I SWEAR I did shower after the swim!

Anyway, off to JMU tri-team practice (just to seep a little more chlorine into my pores) this am.  It was one of those practices I LOVE.  I gotta tell you, I’m so proud of those kids.  (sorry guys for using the word kids, but a lot of you were born after I graduated from high school)  They worked their butts off this morning and didn’t even cuss at me (to my face, some might be cursing now but if I can’t hear it, I’m sure it’s not happening).  Here’s the workout:

Warm up: 150 – 300 mix of strokes, 6 x 50 drill [25 drill, 25 swim:  1. right kick, 2.  left kick, 3.  but, shoulders, head tap (high elbow), 4.  sharkfin, 5. sharkfin again 6.  flick

Main Set:  Aim for your SWIM INTERVALS (that is from the time you leave the wall all the way until you push off for your next swim) to be T pace plus :20 – :30 seconds depending on your fitness level. 

Sprint:  10×100

International 20 x 100 *you might really have to push to hold a steady pace, you should pace yourself so that you are getting the same (almost) amount of rest on #1 as you are for #19.

Cool down:  100 mix of strokes





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