In the Works . . .

22 02 2010

I’m so excited about a couple of my latest ‘projects’ that I just have to share!! 

First, I met last week with a friend (and co-leader of the GoGirlGo group I did in the fall) about a summer girl’s running camp.  We are planning on a week long (morning only) camp for girls in 5th – 7th grades (rising) called Girl Power!  We are focusing on reading, writing and running.  Choosing a different female athlete each day who exemplifies a different ‘girl power’ trait.  For discipline we will be reading an excerpt from Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox.  For determination we will be reading about Sarah Reinertsen.  We still need to find a few more girl power women, so I am looking for some suggestions.  One attribute we are looking for is GRACE, grace under pressure, as well as graceful winning and loosing.  Another attribute is STRENGTH.  Any ideas?  We need them to have something we can read, either excerpts from a book, a news article, even an online blog.

NEXT, Paul and I attended a meeting on Sat. for a Harrisonburg area triathletes!  It’s going to be great to have a local group of triathletes to train with, and maybe even do a little socializing too!   We still miss our Roanoke group, (well, I don’t miss being in charge, but I do miss the friend that came with the group) so we are looking forward to this new group and some great new friends! (email me if you are in the Harrisonburg area and want to join the group, we started up a listserv and I can get you signed up!)

Finally, it looks like the training program is almost ready to get started at the Rec Center!  I will lead 2 swim classes a week, one will be a beginner, one an advanced group as well as giving the class a weekly schedule building up to the Shenandoah Valley Sprint on June 6th.  I’m so excited to get the group up and going, I’ve had several requests to get a group started but it just took a little time to get things set up with the city.   We are even in the first stage of planning a Take Flight Triathlon in Harrisonburg!

Whew, so many things to do!!  At least they are fun things that I love and am excited to be a part of!!



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22 02 2010

The girls running camp sounds like so much fun! Not sure if this would fit into your plan (maybe Grace under pressure?) but have you been following the blogs of the two girls who are each solo sailing around the world right now? They’ll likely be done by the time the camp starts, but at least one of them has a book in the works.

I’ll think on this some more and see if I can come up with any other people. I assume you want non-fiction?

23 02 2010

girl, you are one busy mama! you have really hit your stride. happy for you!

23 02 2010

Ooooh, you have to tell me dates/times for your beginning swimmer class. That might be something I could do…

25 02 2010

What about Mia Hamm, she has done a lot for empowering young female athletes…… and I would love to have Alexandra help when you come up with some dates.

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