The laundry weekend . . .

21 02 2010

Seriously, I have gone through 5 jog bras in 2 days!  Between my husband and I our weekend workout laundry pile is at least a load, maybe one and a half!  I know all these multi workout days will pay off come May for the Knoxville HalfRev and the Triple-T but sheesh – I’ve got quite a pile of smelly workout clothes going!

Sat. began with a 1:30 run, 50 min. of which was speedwork, then I changed and hopped on the bike for an hour of higher cadence spinning.  Then I ate, alot.  Sunday am started off with an hour on the bike, then a wardrobe change (yay, I got to wear shorts outside!!), and hour run, food, food, food, and a late afternoon hour spin on the bike.  Both Sunday bikes were mod. paced spins.

Weekend equipment Rundown:

5 jogbras

3 pairs tri shorts (I wear tri shorts rather than bike shorts)

1 pair running capri’s

1 pair running shorts

8 dri-fit shirts (layering on the runs)

A couple of sprays of Tri-Slide (for my toes and my, um, bike short area)

Saucony ProGrid 3’s

6 scoops First Endurance E.F.S.

1 trip to Qdoba’s – burrito bowl is Gluten Free and YUMMMY!




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