TriSwim Tuesday!

16 02 2010

Finally back on track (although kids are still on a 2 hour delay!), I was able to get over to UREC to lead my JMU Tri Club swim workout.  It was a great swim – those that missed it really missed a great workout!!  Today’s workout is being brought to you by FOGGLE .   I swear this morning there were maybe 2 swimmers that had goggles clear enough to see the clock!  Next week I will bring in a few Foggle towelettes and clean everybody’s goggles so that we make sure everyone can see the pace clock! 

What in the world is Foggle?  Awesomeness in a towelette!   From the Tri-Swim website:

FOGGLE is unique – it is the only anti-fog towelette that actually cleans the lens while defogging. Tested and approved by numerous athletes, FOGGLE is perfect for swim, snowboard and ski goggles, as well as scuba masks and will leave you with crystal clear vision! Simply wipe FOGGLE onto your dry lens then let dry. Results are crystal clear lens that will not fog!

Try it – you will love the stuff.  (You can buy FOGGLE on All3Sports website)  ‘Nuff said!  Onto the swim workout for the day!

Warm up:  300 easy mix of strokes, 300 {3 x [25 kick right, 25 kick left, 25 kick back, 25 swim]}

Main Set:  Sprint:  One time through the main set, International:  Twice through  the whole set – go through each set, then begin back at the top (200)

200 Negative Split (second 100 is faster than the first)

100 Build each 25


100 Build each 25

3 x 50 FAST :30 rest

100 VERY EASY, beautiful form

5 x 50 (on the 1:00 – 1:30, depending on your speed)

Cool Down:  150 easy





2 responses

17 02 2010

i want to swim with you. your workouts are much more manageable than mine. She (the coach-I think you know who she is) never writes them for less than 4000 yards. Our intervals today were sprint pace. i hung with people the first 600 yards and then was lapped on the repeat. since swimming with the masters group, twice i have felt like i was going to throw up in my mouth.
i know you are probably one of the only people who might think this is a good thing 🙂

5 03 2010
kartenlegen per email

Thanks for the inspiration, your blog looks excellent! I have been having trouble getting motivated working on mine but this definitely pumped me up!

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