To the Pain

15 02 2010

I think a post gets thumbs up any time you can include a clip from the Princess Bride – one of my all time favorite movies!  Today’s swim was a To the Pain swim.  I got all my other workouts done this weekend except my Sunday swim, so today’s swim was my 1000y.  time trial swim.  When I was doing my 1000 y. warm up and had a few 25 sprints to get the ol’ ticker going I started to do the doubting thing.  You know when you start to tell yourself that there is NO WAY that you can hold this pace for a 1000.  Then I started to bargain with myself – maybe I should just swim my half ironman race pace.  Maybe ironman race pace?  Certainly not this hard, I can’t breathe and my arms are aching pace. 

That’s when this Princess Bride clip came to mind.  I decided that instead of cowering out of doing my TT swim, I would swim to the pain – whatever speed that was.  I once again reminded myself that a TT is a measurment tool, not a judgement tool.  I have three months to improve on whatever my time was – the important thing for today’s swim was to leave it all in the water – to swim to the pain and not back down.  

My time was about :40 sec. off where I will be once my A race (HalfRev in Knoxville) comes around – but hey, 3 more months of some swimming to the pain and I’ll be :40 faster!  Looks like it’s time to go into the big gear and rev up training for the next 3 months!  3 x a week of swimming, 4 x a week of biking and 3 x a week of running is the goal – Halfmax Nationals here I come . . .



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