The Weekend

12 02 2010

Yawn, I am sleepy and busy today!    It has been such a wacky week with the kids home and all the uproar of snow, snow, snow.  I didn’t even have a workout plan this week – kinda having to wing it.  I hate winging it!  So, this weekend I have a lot of workouts to do.  SO, I think I’m going to do a little gentle yoga tonight with my honey, and save my energy for the weekend!  Tomorrow looks like:

Saturday:  AM:  Bike 1:30 aerobic base hilly c.t. course followed by 45 min. brick

Afternoon:  1:00 bike aerobic base hilly c.t. course followed by 20 min. brick

Sunday: AM:  Long run (around 2:00 if my poor little legs will endure it, otherwise 2 x 1 hour runs)

              afternoon:  50 min. endurance swim w/ middle 1000 @ TT effort

               PM:  Skiing (ok, I must admit, I’m looking forward to skiing a lot and can’t believe I am enjoying skiing!)

Shew!  I’m tired just thinking about it!!  But I am also excited and looking forward to it, although I’m not sure what we are doing with our children since my husband will be doing the same w/o schedule – maybe I’d better make a run for the craft store!!




One response

12 02 2010

Wow, you make me tired just thinking about that! You know it’s a 3 day weekend. Can’t you spread that out a bit? 🙂

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