11 02 2010

I am the type that likes to have my full race schedule planned in Jan.  I want to know what is going to happen and frankly, I would prefer to have control over HOW it’s going to happen.  Yes, I am a classic control freak.  I know it, and those that live with me have learned to deal with it.  The funny thing about my control freak nature is that I also love to sneak off for a last minute get away.  I’m not sure how the two co-exist in this crazy little head of mine, but they do!  This was all set into a crazy spiral when I had to make some changes to this season’s race schedule yesterday.  Keeping in mind how crazy control goal driven I am – this is no small feat! 

I was reminded yesterday that my choice in races and products needs to reflect support for companies that I believe in, and frankly companies that believe in me.   When I choose to travel to a race (whether or not I am paying for that race) the money I am paying to stay in a hotel, for food in the area and for race goodies all should reflect support for the company that is putting on the race.  If a company lets me down with poor race security, unreliable or no race tracking for my family, poor customer service, unreasonable refund policies – the list could go on and on – they should not be getting my support by racing their race.  I am not talking about one company – there are several that have fallen into this category for me.  I have, however decided to let my money (and my blog) do the talking by supporting the races that live up to what they promise. 

I had planned to race the Kinetic weekend May 8-9 in Lake Anna.  Because of some personal decisions  we have decided to instead race the REV3 Knoxville (half ironman) the same weekend.  Here the rub, that is Mother’s Day weekend.  That makes it a little trickier to have both my husband and I race, while bringing along the kids (since it is mother’s day weekend and all!!)  I haven’t worked it all out yet, but I have faith that somehow it will work.  The race looks fantastic, I will be there with my FABULOUS team, there will be first rate GPS tracking (by TRAKKERS, of course), host hotels are offering very reasonable rates so we might actually be able to stay AND afford to eat : ), and we can gawk at all the cool pro’s that are racing for the weekend!

Wanna race with me?  Enter code TRAKKERS113 to save $10 on your race entry fees.  (PS- check out the cancellation/refund policy, it is SO much more reasonable than some other large race companies that will remain un-named here)



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11 02 2010

wish i could join you! That’s the Gallop weekend and our running girls club will be racing that one. I assume the unmentioned company is the company you work for? Their races aree $$$ and I am annoyed you now have to do 5 to qualify for awards. I’m only signing up for Bath and family relay in Wilmington in Sept. It’s fun having a big swim challenge as a main event. and this am I swam 3500 yards! by 7 am!

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