Making the best of it (otherwise known as IMPROVISING!!)

6 02 2010

The dog and I standing in the middle of the street - can you tell where the street is?

Thankfully we didn’t get the forecasted 30 inches of snow this storm.  Instead our yard is currently measuring around 18 inches, but the snow is still falling.  Apparently the storm didn’t get the memo that the forecasters said snow would be wrapped up and outta here by 2pm.  So, with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground and the whole town shut down some changed had to be made to my training plan.

On tap for the weekend was a long run and a bike, run, bike.  Uh, yeah – I don’t have snowshoes or even trail running shoes so running with a foot or so of snow on most roads – not so easy.  Instead yesterday with only about 8 inches of snow down I packed up the dog and threw on my snowboots for a little snow hiking.  We have a great park about a block from our house that has a couple of acres of untouched snow to tromp around in.  After 40 min. (only 2 miles!) I was soaking wet and my legs were shaky!  So, inside for some hot tea, a little rest – and back out later on.  Three trips in all, each time the now was a little deeper, making it a little more challenging each time.  I probably eeked out a little under 6 miles in 2 hours of hiking but today my legs are screaming at me as if I ran 20 miles! 

Here are a few shots of the snow to enjoy!

My son doing a cannonball off the back deck into the snow - now that's pure joy!

That's alotta snow!




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