A Few Random Thoughts . . .

3 02 2010

I don’t have a catchy title or theme for today, just a bunch of random things:

  • I love the new Saucony’s – they are perfect for my distance running.  For my racing and shorter speedwork I’m Uh, yeah - these look FAST!!going to stick with racers (I’ll soon be getting a pair of Fastwitch 4’s – how awesome do these look!)
  • I am getting much better at gluten free baking!  Today’s triumph were muffins – half chocolate chip, half blueberry.  Can I just say – yummy!! You can find the fabulous recipe here: I Am Gluten Free
  • I am also loving the new First Endurance nutrition products.   What I like most (after the whole it’s all gluten free thing of course!) is that none of it is overly sweet.  I just can’t stomach the sweet stuff and the F.E. endurance drink mix has a nice subtle flavor (I got Orange) that is almost more tart than sweet.  That should work wonders around bottle # 4 for me! 
  • I love training with my husband.  We have decided to be intentional about training together this season and it is great.  I would have totally skipped IRONYOGA (which I am still LOVING) if my dear husband wasn’t waiting on me and expecting me to workout.  Hopefully that will translate into fast race results, but regardless of race results it definitely translates into a happier marriage – always a good thing!!
  • I also love being a part of a team.  I really view it as a privilege, and it motivates me to work harder to prove myself.  That could be a dangerous slope of expectations, but so far for me it means that I toss on my cool visor and run with my head held a little higher knowing I’ve got 40 or so other teammates that are doing the same and counting on me to be a total bad ass this season!
  • We live in Virginia and it’s winter.  Some winters that means lots and lots of snow.  Yes, this happens to be one of those winters.  Get used to it.  No more whining about snow, snowdays, weather inconveniences -o-kay?  No more winter whining.  Got it?



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