1 02 2010

I LOVE the FexEx guy!  He brings me fun stuff, directly to my door!  I’m not one that likes shopping all that much to begin with, but today I had to go to the awful big box store that begins in a Wa and ends in a Oh MY Gosh get me out of this AWFUL place!  I don’t need to go shopping ever again.  I’ll take the packages delivered to my door thankyouverymuch.   Sorry, small distracted tangent – back on track now.

The first package that arrived was my super cool TRAKKERS hats.   I wear these bad boys for all my training now!

Next to arrive was my First Endurance goodies.  (I got those open so fast and started using them so quick that I didn’t even get a picture!)  I got the Endurance Multi-V, the Endurance Drink and a big ol’ bottle of the Liquid Shot.  I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you all about them since I have a whole post ready to tell all about the gluten free goodness!

Finally, today my friend the FedEx man brought me a fun new pair of Saucony shoes!!

I got the ProGrid Guide 3’s – I have been wearing them around this afternoon but won’t be able to give them a good review until I’ve gotten a few good runs under my belt. 

Speaking of loving the FexEd guy – have you checked out my GIVEAWAYS tab at the top of my page?  Check it out, donate, and YOU might love your FEDEX guy too!!



2 responses

1 02 2010

WHERE IS MY FEDEX GUY, I am starting to get seriously jealous! Those ProGrids are HAWT! Very cute!

2 02 2010

Seriously…FedEx guy…you forgot me!! Cute shoes and hats, too!!

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