“Now THAT’S dedication . . .”

31 01 2010

Yesterday was yet another snow day in our little corner of the world.  It seems that in the battle of the high and low pressure system the low pressure system won and we ended up with a couple of good inches of snow.  I was out running yesterday with the beautiful snow coming down and the brrr cold wind giving us a 6 degree windchill.  I had icicles on my eyebrows and many, many layers of clothes on.  While I was out running I passed a man shoveling his driveway.  He yelled out to me, “Now THAT’S dedication . . .”

I was so very flattered by his comment.  Last season I felt OBLIGATION to my sport rather than DEDICATION.  As a coach I felt that I needed to race.   If I was going to race I needed to train.  Not the best attitude in the world.  Certainly not a positive attitude.  This season I feel so excited about my race schedule and refreshed from taking a few months off that I do feel a real DEDICATION to my training, rather than a grudging sense of obligation.  I am finally back to training for ME which is like a breath of nice (cold) fresh air. 

Better go – one more snowy cold run on the schedule for today.  Maybe I should have a pair of snowshoes for days like this!!

PS – Don’t forget to check out my GIVEAWAYS this month!!



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