10 Things I Love . . . (AND MY FEB. GIVEAWAY!!)

29 01 2010

My teammate Megan tagged me with a great post of 10 things I love.  Here goes – make sure you read all the way to the bottom to learn about what I’m giving away this month!!

1.  My family.  My husband still makes me warm and fuzzy inside and I still get giddy about seeing him.  My kids are super cool – A is smart and reserved – you might not know what she is thinking but you’d better believe it’s pretty complex!  My son is wild and daring – I never know what in the world he is going to say or do.  All together we make a wonderful team and I love it!

2.  Triathlon – Yep, I love the sport as a whole.  I love the feeling of fear, excitement and anticipation I get before each and every race.  I love the gear, I love the training and I love the community of triathletes I get to be a part of.

3.  Yummy Gluten-Free foods – Every day new and cool gluten free foods come out on the market.  Some of these are really, really good without costing me an arm and a leg.  Some of them cost me an arm and a leg, but I’m willing to pay it every once and a while.  Companies like Van’s make it soooo much easier to have a gluten free 7 year old. 

4.  Sponsors – Look to the right and check out all the AWESOME companies that keep me racing.  TRAKKERS is the key to a lot of them bringing Team Trakkers together – what a wonderful group of athletes!!!

5.  Friends – My three best friends have been there for me for over 20 years.  They have seen the best and the very worst of me and still love me.

The Girls

6.  Swimming – I know, triathlon covers running, biking and swimming – but I just love, love, love swimming.  It is so peaceful and calming and tranquil for me.  I love to swim, to coach swimming, I even love writing swim workouts!  

7.  Coffee – I brought back 10 bags of coffee from Costa Rica.  Yep, I love it.  I love the smell of it, the taste of it – on particularly tiresome evenings I even go to bed dreaming about my yummy am coffee.  Yep, it’s my vice and I love it.

8.  Social Media – I am such a junkie.  I love Facebook because it keeps me up to date and in touch with my friends all over the US.  I love twitter because it connects me to interesting and fun folks all over the world I would have never gotten the chance to know otherwise.  My blog gives me a chance to vocalize my quirky and wonderful life. 

9.  My job.  I love, love, love coaching triathletes.   I love helping people reach goals and dream dreams.  What a cool job.

10.  Speaking of my job, I love helping other people.  Speaking of helping people – February will kick off our giveaways that will 100% benefit Garrett’s Wings  .


 On Feb. 15th I will give away your choice of 1 month of personal triathlon (or run, swim or bike) coaching, or a 12 week training plan.  (you can see the difference here at my coaching website)  See the GIVEAWAYS tab at the top of my blog for the details, but basically for every $10 donation you give here – DONATE you get one entry.  See the GIVEAWAY tab for ways to get extra entries!  100% of the $$ donated will go straight to Garrett’s Wings. 




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