The Swim

26 01 2010

I pride myself on being a pretty good swimmer.  I was actually a pretty ho-hum swimmer growing up, mostly I think because I was too lazy to practice hard and because I am more of an endurance swimmer than a sprinter.  I have been teaching swim lessons/ coaching swimmers on and off for over 15 years.  I love my time in the pool and on the deck.  This is all to explain why I was so humbled in the pool yesterday.

I had been out of the pool for 2.5 weeks due to travel and pool closing   In general I have been swimming less this year because I decided to prioritize my biking and running – so overall my swim fitness is much lower than it would normally be at this time last year.  I hopped in yesterday morning so happy to be back in and splashing!  I felt SLOW and weak, but I was holding my own until the guy next to me started swimming.  Oh MY Gosh!  He was literally lapping me every 150.  I of course then tried to swim faster because I couldn’t believe this dude was lapping me every 150!

As I tried to swim faster I felt my standard form issue rear it’s head and I just started getting slower.  Here is where the coach in me kicked in.  I stopped and refocused.  (My standard form issue is the bounce.  I start to have too much lateral motion in the water, I believe because my lats and abs are not strong enough and I am relying too much on shoulders and chest.)  I started to repeat to myself  “lats and abs” and was very purposeful about my form, rather than my speed.  Don’t you know it?  I sped up by almost 5 seconds per 100!  And I didn’t waste all that extra energy on bobbing up and down in the water!

Next time I check my ego at the door and focus on my own swim instead of the speedo in the lane next to me.  O-k, who am I kidding – maybe I’ll just try to control my ego instead!!



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26 01 2010

Ok, I can so relate to this because I had to SPLIT a lane during an organized Masters – One Hour Swim last Sunday and I had this chick in the lane with me that I didn’t know (I swim AM masters)
and she looked all of 20 ( I’m a decrepit 46) and it started to PISS me off that she was gaining serious yardage on me and actually lapped me because I’m such a slow moving BEAST flip turning.

I had to “check my ego at that pool wall and PAY ATTENTION
to what the heck I was doing instead of steaming that this
girl could actually be a better swimmer than me!
ahhhhhh…and she was!

1 02 2010

i get my butt kicked all the time. but my coach is a WORLD CHAMPION swimmer in the 1500, so my ego isn’t bruised.

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