The Frenzy

24 01 2010

Sigh.  I wish weekends were relaxing and refreshing and full of long workouts that fit in with the rest of life.  Sigh.

Ironically for me weekends are my hardest times to fit in my workouts.  Since my work schedule during the week is very flexible, my kids are in school and my dear husband is at work I usually find the time on weekdays to get my workouts done.  Weekends are usually filled with kids and family time.  Luckily my kids aren’t overly involved in sports – this is a conscious decision we made as parents.   At this point  it is more important to have family time than for my kids to be really good at any particular sport which would mean all day tournaments, games or meets. 

Selfish?  Maybe – but we do work very hard to have well rounded kids – you know academic, sports, music, family and even a little religion.   So I sit here on a Sunday afternoon wondering why in the world it was so hard to find the time to get 2 hours of workouts done today?!   Then I smile when I realize the answer.  I helped my son build his lego set today.  I finished re-decorating my bedroom to surprise my husband when he gets home from his ski trip today.  I made a real lunch for the kids.  I (hopefully) inspired a few of my athletes with brilliant workouts for the upcoming week.  And now I am off to take my kids for their ski lesson.

So, for today an hourish run will have to do.  Life is full and life is oh so good and I wouldn’t trade my busy family Sunday for a 2 hour workout any day!




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