All I’m ask’n for . . .

7 12 2009

Seriously folks, I don’t have many vices. I’m not one of those celiacs that sneak a little pizza every now and then. Since my diagnosis I have purposefully eaten gluten ONCE. I had the stomach flu already and there were Thin Mints in the house – I figured if I was sick already . . . I’ve almost cut out all dairy, I avoid sugars (except the occasional candy for dinner break down right around Halloween time : )

Anyway, back to my vices. I’ve been known to have a glass of wine every once in a while – that’s the extent of my drinking. I don’t smoke. I have had fried food twice in the last 6 years. I exercise almost every day (except after an Ironman, in which I take three to four weeks of sluggishness off and don’t feel guilty at all – well, I feel slightly guilty, but I’m working on that!).

My vice – coffee. All I’m asking for is that I have my warm and wonderful cup, hmm well four cups a day. I want to wake up to the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Is that asking to much? I don’t want to have to drive to Greenberrys (which is wonderful coffee by the way, I just want mine while I am still in my jammies!!), I don’t want to clean up leaky coffee all over the counter – I just want a coffee maker that works. Please, pretty please. Big sigh – off to the store to return broken coffee maker #2 (this week) with dreams of a hot cup of fresh coffee tomorrow. Please. . .



2 responses

7 12 2009

I suppose my vice is coffee too! Well, and maybe CocaCola. I am going to significantly cut back on my Coke intake, though, especially after watching Food Inc. I don't eat gluten either (never diagnosed, but symptoms of celiac/intolerance) and I am really good about it (ie never eat it on purpose). Coffee isn't even bad for you, really. Really!? REALLY! 😀

8 12 2009

for god's sake ask Santa for a good coffee maker ! Buy one at Williams Sonoma. It won't fail.

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