2010 Race Planning

30 11 2009

The 2010 race season is right around the corner so it’s time to start planning things! There are those people that can plan things out on a whim but I am not one of those people, nor do I usually coach those people. Even if you don’t know your detailed 2010 race schedule, at least choosing your “A” races for the year is a great way to start things out right.

So, what is an “A” race? These are your priority races – the ones you really want to focus your training on. For these races you will taper, and the rest of your seasons’ races will be tailored to prepare you for this race. For example:
For 2010 I have 2 “a” races, The American Triple T in May and Cedar Point in September. My 20 week training plan for the Triple T will begin Jan. 1st. Until then I am in the off season. To prepare for this I will do the Rev3 Olympic race in Knoxville. Funny thing, I have done 3 Ironmans, 3 half Ironmans and countless (really, I mean countless!) sprints – but NEVER an olympic! Crazy! However, the Triple T has back to back Olympic (separated by a few hours) distance races. Eeek, better get a few of those under my belt!

After Triple T I will switch over to training for Cedar Point. I haven’t yet decided if I will do the full or half distance there. If I choose the half I will choose a few other Olympic distance races in June/July/Aug, if I go for the full I will probably train through the summer months and won’t do much racing, maybe a half marathon and a century ride to support the training schedule.

So, for now I will run, bike and swim when I want, do some good old fashioned weight training. For me the off season is about resting my body and spirit. I need a little bit of time where I am not putting the pressure on myself. Now, if I could just get my food under control so that I can avoid getting too squishy!!



One response

1 12 2009

Enjoy the rest. I'll see you in Knoxville!Any thoughts on doing Quassy too and competing for points in the whole series?

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